Welcome to Every Breath Counts


The mission of the Every Breath Counts Foundation is to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer research and support programs in the Southern New Jersey Shore area. Please join us in our battle against lung cancer.

The Every Breath Counts Foundation was established by a dedicated group of oncology nurses in the Southern New Jersey Shore area.  We have seen the struggle that patients and their families go through battling lung cancer. A large majority of people have had a loved one or dear friend go through that battle.  Unfortunately, lung cancer researchers do not get the funding necessary to eradicate this awful disease compared to other cancers. The Foundation also supports programs that provide services to lung cancer patients and their families.

Statistics show that lung cancer is the cause of more deaths than all other cancers combined.  The EBCF has made it our mission to raise awareness about lung cancer and the need for funding.   We ask for your support in our battle against lung cancer.

All proceeds from our WALK FOR LUNG CANCER event go directly to three lung cancer focused organizations:

  • The South Jersey Cancer Fund; directing funds to patients and families in the South Jersey Shore area affected by the disease.
  • The LUNGevity Foundation; the only foundation dedicated exclusively to funding lung cancer research.
  • The GO2 Lung Cancer Foundation; the only national non-profit organization dedicated to providing patient support and advocacy to those living with or at risk for the disease.